Orgaznizer :

Artur Zablotny
Trebaczow 71
21-010 Leczna
Nip 713 177 81 98


We want to make contacting us as simple as possible, so below we provide dedicated email addresses for different purposes:

1. help.bachaturo@wp.pl: Use this address if:

  • You have not received your ticket within 14 days from the payment date.
  • You need to change the name on the ticket.
  • You want to transfer the ticket to next year.

2. artur.zablotny@wp.pl: Please send payment confirmations and all other organizational matters to this address.

Note: The address bachaturo@bachaturo.com is our ticket system address and is not intended for communication. Please do not direct any messages to it.

We’re here to help. If you have any questions, please contact us!