Event Regulations

I. General Information:

This regulation was issued based on the Act of March 20, 2009, on the safety of mass events (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1870).

The regulations are issued by the organizer of the “Festival Bachaturo” event, which will take place from August 17, 2023, starting at 10:00 PM to August 22, 2023, until 6:00 AM at the International Congress Center Plac Sławika and Antalla 1 in Katowice and at Spodek al. Wojciech Korfantego 35 in Katowice. The mass event will take place from August 18, 2023, starting at 10:00 PM until August 20, 2023, until 5:00 AM at the International Congress Center Plac Sławika and Antalla 1 in Katowice. The organizer of the Festival Bachaturo is: Artur Zabłotny Nip 713 177 81 98 Trębaczów 71 21-010 Łęczna.

The regulations are aimed at all persons who will be present on the Festival Grounds during the event. Each person staying in this area during the event is obliged to comply with the provisions of these Regulations.

The aim of the Regulations is to ensure the safety of people and property, as well as the safety of the Event by defining the rules of entry, behavior, and use of the Festival Grounds and the infrastructure located there, as well as defining the conditions for participation in the event.


II. Organizer’s liability:

The organizer is not responsible for injuries of participants during the festival. Each festival participant participates in it at their own risk. This means that the participant should exercise particular caution and take care of their safety during the festival. The organizer recommends that festival participants have current insurance policies in case of possible injuries.

The organizer is not responsible for the personal belongings of participants left on the festival grounds. Participants are responsible for taking care of their things personally. In the event of loss, damage, or theft of personal items, the Organizer will not be obliged to replace or compensate them. It is recommended that participants do not leave their valuable items unattended and do not bring items that can be easily damaged or stolen to the festival grounds.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program. The organizer also reserves the right to cancel shows/events due to reasons beyond his control such as a pandemic, war, national mourning, etc.

If it becomes necessary to cancel a show/event, the Organizer will not be obliged to pay any compensation, financial compensation beyond the return of the value of the admission ticket held by the participant or transfer of the ticket to the next date.


III. Participation in events:

Only persons with a valid admission ticket, a wristband replacing a ticket, or an ID covering entry to the event site may be present at the event and the facility where the event is taking place.

The festival wristband is put on the wrist in a way that prevents it from being taken off and given to another person. Removing or damaging the wristband by breaking, cutting, or damaging the clamp/seal means automatic resignation of the participant from the festival.

A ticket purchased through the website must be printed. An additional fee of 40 PLN/10 Euro will be charged for the lack of a printed ticket.


IV. Safety rules:

All individuals present at the event must comply with safety rules and the instructions of the facility and festival staff.

The organizer reserves the right to refuse to sell a ticket or refuse entry to a ticket holder if:

it deems it necessary,

in case of violation of the regulations,

in case of inappropriate and/or indecent behavior during the event as determined by the Organizer or their representatives,

a person is visibly under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, psychotropic or other similar substances.

The following is prohibited: bringing into the event area objects that can pose a threat to others, bringing in alcoholic beverages, narcotics or psychotropic substances, explosive materials, pyrotechnic products, fire-hazardous materials, as well as bringing in glass containers, entrance and stay at the event for persons whose attire violates good manners, its elements are dangerous (metal footwear trims, and carry advertising action marks), smoking of tobacco products or electronic cigarettes is strictly forbidden, the Organizer, security, order services and other persons authorized by the organizer have the right to ask a participant to leave or in the worst-case scenario, escort them out, standing in passages, evacuation routes is strictly forbidden, touching and approaching elements of the scenery, technical equipment, sound equipment and lighting is strictly forbidden.

For safety reasons, all participants are absolutely obliged to follow the instructions and comments of all staff working at the event. The staff and service have the right to issue current bans based on the current organizational situation.

It is prohibited to conduct any commercial or other profit-making activities, as well as advertising and promotional activities on the Festival Grounds without the organizer’s authorization.


V. Image of persons:

The Organizer captures the course of the Festival for the purposes of documentation and promotion or advertising of the festival and the Organizer in future years. The image of persons present on the Festival Grounds may be transmitted and recorded, and then disseminated for documentary, reporting, advertising, and promotional purposes. All people deciding to participate in the Festival simultaneously consent to the use of their image or their wards in the case of minors for the purposes indicated in these Regulations. The participant’s image may be used for various forms of electronic processing, framing and composition, as well as combined with images of other people, may be supplemented with accompanying commentary, while the film and sound recording with his participation may be cut, edited, modified, added to other materials created for informational, promotional and advertising purposes of the Organizer – without the obligation to accept the final product. The consent includes all forms of publication, in particular dissemination on the Internet (including on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. within the profile of the Organizer). The image of the Festival Participant may not be used in a form or publication that is offensive or otherwise violates the personal rights of the Participant.