Win 10 000 euro !
Competition for kizomba and urbankiz dancers

Hello Everyone!
We have an unusual surprise! ? Our “Social Competition”, an experiment with a 10,000 euro prize, has shown that when dancers have a choice between fun and competition at our festival… they choose fun! ??
Therefore, we are forced to cancel the contest, as no team has expressed their willingness to compete for the prize. However, we are confident that there will be no shortage of amazing dancers on the dance floor!
Instead of a spirit of competition, our events will be full of a relaxed, sociable atmosphere that we all love. ?
We are waiting for you on the dance floor, and we, as the organizers, will do our best to create an incredible atmosphere!
See you in two weeks ?

The idea of the competition

When you cross the thresholds of kizomba dance floors at many festivals, you will notice a growing disproportion between the number of male and female dancers. This imbalance is becoming more and more evident. Our dear female dancers, who eagerly await their turn to dance with talented partners, deserve much more.

Although many festivals attract the presence of taxi dancers and special guests, controlling their interactions with dance partners can be challenging. With this in mind, we would like to initiate our innovative competition aimed at enriching the experiences of all participants. This competition is dedicated primarily to advanced dancers, including taxi dancers, instructors, and especially our dear female dancers. We believe that this initiative will generate great interest.


The competition will be conducted if at least 3 teams of 10 people each register.
First-place prize:

  • The winning team of 10 dancers will receive not only immense excitement and great fun but also a cash prize ranging from 5000 to 10,000 euros, depending on the number of participating teams. The names, surnames, and photos of the winners will be published on the Bachaturo website for at least 6 months, as well as on our social media channels.
  • If up to 5 teams participate in the competition, the prize for the winners will be 5000 euros.
  • If, however, at least 6 teams participate in the competition, the first-place prize will be increased to 10,000 euros! Additionally, we introduce prizes for second and third place.

Second-place prize:

  • For second place, we offer full passes to the Bachaturo Festival 2024 for the entire team.

Third-place prize:

  • For third place, we offer party passes to Bachaturo 2024 for the entire team.

Who can participate?

The dance competition is open to men with advanced skills in kizomba, urbankizz, or both styles, excluding invited artists at the Bachaturo Festival 2023. Our goal is for the competition to be an arena of rivalry for dancers who have devoted a lot of time to perfecting their skills. This competition is for advanced dancers who are eager to take on the challenge and showcase the highest dance standards. To participate, it is required to have a full pass or party pass for Bachaturo 2023 and pay a registration fee of 50 euros per person.

We recommend forming a group of dancers with a similar level of proficiency to ensure the highest quality representation of your skills and chances of success. If you feel that your skill level is not yet at this stage, consider dedicating your skills to further training and improvement. We encourage everyone to develop and participate in future competitions when they feel ready.

Judging the competition

The competition has a unique judging system. The role of judges is fulfilled by female partners who dance kizomba or urbankizz and have purchased a full pass or party pass online, indicating their interest in the Kizomba style during the online ticket purchase process. They, by casting their votes, select the best group of dancers. Female partners play a crucial role, so it is recommended to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the rules.

Advice for the ladies:

You will have the pleasure of casting your single vote for the group that appeals to you the most. Make sure to keep your choice a secret until the end of the festival. We want you to enjoy an uninterrupted, magical dance with your chosen partners until the final moments of this event.

However, if you purchased tickets on-site or did not indicate kizomba as your dance style in the registration form, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in the voting. But let this not diminish your joy – the participating gentlemen will not have this knowledge, and they will undoubtedly strive to win your hearts on the dance floor, ensuring excellent entertainment.

Advice for the gentlemen:

The partner judges eligible to vote will be waiting for you during the events on 2 dance floors in the kizomba and urbankizz halls, as well as during social events and classes. Entering the voting area with your partner and attempting to see whom you are voting for is not allowed.

Our goal is to highlight the best dancers, not the most cunning. This competition is an experiment built on transparency and honesty. Prepare for an unforgettable experience and excitement. Dance with your heart and derive joy from every step. Good luck!

Scoring criteria:

The assessment of dancers by the partner judges is based on various criteria and can be subjective. Key factors may include excellent mastery of dance fundamentals, the ability to lead smoothly, creativity, fluidity of movements, and respect for the partner’s space.

Additionally, the interpretation of music, correct dance technique, the ability to create a unique atmosphere on the dance floor, and even the scent of your perfume are considered. Each of these elements can influence the final selection of the favorite group.

Honesty and transparency of the competition:

The events will take place from Friday to Sunday. Partner judges will be able to cast their votes on Saturday and Sunday during late-night events. The exact location of the voting booth and the hours during which it will be open will be published on the festival’s website and social media channels during the festival. The leader of each group, ensuring full transparency of the competition, can participate in the vote counting process.

During the voting, we guarantee privacy for all partner judges. No other individuals are allowed to accompany the partner judges in the voting area.


The condition for participating in the competition is to have a full pass or party pass for Bachaturo 2023 and to pay a registration fee of 500 euros per 10-person group (50 euros per person). Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable.

We only accept competition registrations from group leaders representing complete, ten-person groups. Registration fees are only accepted for full 10-person groups. Before making the payment, please send the list of participants for verification.

The role of the group leader includes representing their group, maintaining contact with the organizer, and participating in the vote counting process. The group leader has the right to make changes to the group composition until August 1.

If the participants of the competition group are unable to stay until the announcement of the results, the group leader is obliged to inform the organizer in advance. In such a case, the location and time for collecting the competition wristband will be arranged.

The qualification for the competition depends on the order of registration. The final deadline for submissions is August 1.The Organizer reserves the right to terminate the acceptance of applications earlier if deemed necessary.

The organizer reserves the right to introduce changes to the rules. Participants will be duly informed of any such changes.

Submitting an application for the competition is equivalent to accepting the above regulations.

We accept applications electronically at the following address:

We encourage you to register and wish you good luck

Details for the competition participants

Due to the nature of the competition and in the interest of its fairness, each participant will receive a wristband or another type of identifier. This wristband is necessary for verifying participation in the competition and confirming affiliation with a specific group.

Each wristband must be worn throughout the entire duration of the festival and must remain intact. Any mechanical damage to the wristband, such as cutting or damaging the fastening, or passing it on to another person, may result in disqualification of the group from the competition.

In the event that a participant needs to leave the festival before the end of the competition, they are obligated to surrender the wristband to our staff for inspection. Checking the wristband is necessary to confirm its integrity and ensure the ongoing fairness of the competition. Additionally, the organizer reserves the right to check the wristbands of all teams before announcing the results. The wristbands must be worn until the announcement of the results.

We emphasize that these rules have been implemented to maintain the highest standards of fairness and justice for all participants. We sincerely thank you for understanding and adhering to these guidelines.

We hope that participants understand the importance of these rules and will abide by them for the sake of the competition’s integrity and the experience of all participants.